Born in Bangalore, India, Sudhir Anand was a gifted child with his ever-giving nature always. He has always found innumerable way to help and be a part of activities where his giving, gave him the utmost inner happiness each and every time. He would beam in happiness each time someone acknowledged his giving and would promise and pledge in his mind to do double the giving the next time around.

Dr.Sudhir Anand has been involved in spirituality from close to 2 decades now. Always interested in creating the “Calm in the Storm” in people, environment or a fellow creature, always towards the betterment of the self, the society, the world and perhaps one day, the universe.

Every organisation he has set his foot into, the one ultimate aspect has been to give or be part of the philosophy of unconditional giving which is his life mantra from the time he was very young.

He trusts that meditation experience to every human being on earth to be the ultimate vision, and in his presence, many have experienced the depths of silence and creative visualisation through his guided meditation workshops.

He holds a Ph.D. in psychology (management studies), he creatively visualizes the aspect of the power of the human mind in all aspects of life in his discourses.

Expertise in various aspects in Spirituality all learnt just on the thrill of self-experience and to let many people around him experience the awesome effect of each aspect.

Dr.Sudhir Anand also holds various certifications, degrees and knowledge expertise in Reiki, White Light Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Crystal Healing, Intuition Facilitation and the Law of Attraction.

He conducts various spiritual workshops at Bangalore. By 2020 his workshops will expand to Mysore,  other parts of India, United Kingdom, other parts of Europe, United States and Canada.

He says no prior preparation is in itself preparation to accept, understand and explain life to people who look forward to meeting you and have many unanswered life questions with them, that explanation from him comes to him from the higher facilitator in its purest form.

He was by the side of his eldest aunt, week after week, as she suffered from Stage 4 Liver Cancer in August 2016, and in the course of several spiritual interactions, she spent her last weeks reminiscing the life ahead, her life at the present and her past. The last day of her passing, she tells the family – Sudhir is the ultimate “Samādhāna”, thus evolving the new name for the wellness and well-being organization dedicated to her.

He is currently authoring a book – “A Walk with the Maharaja” dedicated to the His Late Highness Srikantadatta Narashimaraaja Wadiyar, Maharaja(King) of Mysore, with whom he was closely associated with for many years.

Dr.Sudhir is a Life Member of the Indian Institute of World Culture.