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White Light Meditation
Auras & Us
The Happiness Meditation
Find your Inner Calm (Samadhana)
Catch Them Young Children Workshop

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What is your SOUL Purpose
Vision Board & The Dream Catcher
The Mind, Body, Spirit Workshop
The Mind, Body, Spirit Workshop
A true one its kind program.

Relax your mind, Relax your body, free flow and meditate...Join us as we flow moving from simple free flow dance into meditation.
A half day session of understanding your surroundings, understanding your self

building and Place cleansing
Is it time for a spiritual home, building, place cleanse? Or is something scary happening?
We shall help you cleanse unwanted energies of all kinds.
I’ve over 20 years’ worth of experience in dealing with the difficult side of personal and spiritual energy cleansing and tiding over paranormal entities to the next plane, so you are in the right place.
There can be any number of reasons why your home may feel “off” or unhappy.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to cleansing, I will tailor my work to spiritually cleanse and clear your energy field, your home, your building, your place, and those you love.
Past events can leave a “stain” or imprint on the fabric of the land itself, not just buildings. Buildings of  any age will accumulate imprints of the lives lived out in them… just think of all the emotions, circumstances experienced by each and every person who spent time there… The Place may just not “feel” right at times, heavy, oppressive, even a false sensation of being watched can occur if enough residual energy is present. Taking the paranormal and your surroundings out of the equation for a moment, you may even have had a difficult period in your life you wish to leave behind and really start anew with a fresh clean slate.
The Process and Outcome:
I use different energy work techniques to cleanse or draw whatever I find to inside of me to deal with. This is far safer for you. I then proceed to cleanse and close down your home. I seal it shut to the spirit world with pure energies so that it is no longer possible for any paranormal activity to continue. I make sure that only loved ones from the world of spirit are welcome in your home, or if you prefer, I can seal it completely.
A building spiritual cleansing service is an absolute clean of the atmosphere in your home. Your home will feel different, lighter, positive and peaceful, a welcoming and inviting place you are happy to come home to and live in.
No matter what I find, I can help you. I always work with and request angelic energies to come to my assistance on your behalf too.
If you feel you need my help in spiritually cleansing you, your loved ones, your home, if you are being haunted or if you feel under attack from someone living, I will cleanse you, and your loved ones who also live in your home. (This includes animal companions as well)

If you contact me I will listen, no matter how bizarre or strange the situation, it is very likely I’ve encountered similar elsewhere. Yes, your bizarre, your strange is my normal!

Spiritually Divined water for internal cleansing on an everyday basis.

Wear these Blessed Beads and you shall guaranteed see an absolute postive change in your life
Give me one hour, & I shall change your life positively forever. A firm belief is that your "Eyes are your Window to your Universe".

Meetings shall be by appointment only.